Jason McGerr on Ludwig Kit



"I love them. Punchy, tight, and very easy to mix with. I love the live feel of these drums."

- Josh Mobley

Composer, Sound Designer, and Awesome Keyboard Drummer

"The room sounds great and gives the drums presence and compactness, without being too gaudy."

- Keys Magazine


By an Awesome Drummer

Our signature collection of drum loops and samples, the Jason McGerr Sessions, was performed and recorded by Jason McGerr of Death Cab For Cutie at his Two Sticks Audio recording studio in lovely Seattle, WA.

Plenty of Options

Each collection of loops was built with song structure in mind with lead-ins, endings, fills, verses, choruses, bridges, and breakdowns. With a close mic'd and ambient mic'd version of each loop, you can make your mix as dry and tight or as big and roomy as you want. Pair that with thousands of drum samples recorded on the same kits during the same session, and you can put that extra snare hit, kick, or crash right where you need it.

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